Warmer temperatures can bring unwelcome visitors to your house.

And ants too!

Get crafty, make your own ant bait, and keep ants out of your house.

Of course you could just go to the store and buy a few ant baits, but what fun is that?

Making your own ant bait takes a few steps: find out what the ants like to eat, poison what they like to eat, then let them take it home and share it with their friends.

The sharing part is nice. The poison part isn't so nice.

Remember, the ants have it coming.

Trespassing is a crime.

Michigan State University gives us the deadly details:

The secret killing ingredient is boric acid in powdered form. It can be found at pharmacies and some hardware stores. It has to be mixed with something that the ants want to eat. The bait attracts them and the boric acid kills them.

Some ants like to eat sweet stuff like powered sugar, honey, syrup, or jelly.

Some ants like to eat cat food or peanut butter.

Some ants like to eat greasy foods like bacon grease.

Who knew ants were so picky?

Find which food the ants in your house like, mix it with powdered boric acid, keep it out of the reach of children, then watch your ant problem disappear.

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