The 4th of July and fireworks and loud noises and general can be extremely stressful for pets. Here's a list of tips from the Humane Society to keep your pets safe and happy on Independence Day.

They suggest that you keep your pets indoors and away from fireworks. Your pets can easily be hurt by or scared by loud fireworks, which may cause them to run away.

It's also suggested that you refrain from taking pets to festivities that involve fireworks. Not only will the fireworks spook your pets, they'll also likely be in an unfamiliar place. Making them more agitated and anxious.

Make sure to pay close attention to your pets at all times. If left alone outside, pets could get spooked by fireworks and attempt to jump your fence or dig under it to get out.

If possible, keep your pets in a quiet, escape-proof room in which they feel safe and protected.

Have plenty of water available to your pets.

And lastly, please make sure that your pets have multiple forms of up-to-date identification.