Round 1 of ArtPrize runs through September 29.  There are 1,517 entries.  Voters who have registered and activated their accounts may vote for as many entries as they like, one vote per entry.

How many times will you vote in Round 1?

This is the first year that ArtPrize does not have a "down" vote option.  In the past, a down vote was recorded but had no effect on the final outcome.

Pieces which gathered the most down votes were labeled as controversial, but the down votes did not subtract from the "up" votes.

This year, if you like a piece, vote for it.  If you don't like a piece, don't vote for it.  That's it.

I'm looking forward to placing probably somewhere between 5 - 20 votes in the first round.  I'll spend hours downtown looking at hundreds of entries.  I will like many more than just 20 of them, but I'm very selective with my votes.

My hope is that voting less gives extra weight to the pieces I like the most.  Many people vote for every entry they like.  That's fine too.  ArtPrize is whatever you want it to be.