Back to school means than just back to books, it means back to fundraising.  It didn't take long for my kids to get their first school fundraising assignment.  Want to buy one?  Or ten?

How many people do you ask to buy school fundraising items?

I've found that the usefulness and quality of school fundraising items vary greatly.  I've had some pretty good cookie dough, but I'm burnt out on magazines.  Does anyone read those anymore?

Price varies too.  The more affordable the fundraiser, the more people we typically ask to buy.  Sub sandwiches are popular and usually affordable.  Buying one or two for under $10 is a nice option.

My all-time favorite is the candy bars that come with coupons on the wrapper (usually for pizza) that more than pay for the cost of the candy bar.  Chocolate + pizza + money for school = everyone's a winner!