You may have heard me talking on the Andy and Chuck Morning Show on WTRV about my mother's visit this past weekend. In addition to the usual grandma is "staying the weekend" routine, the kids and I also are treated to a visit from my mom's dog. Nice dog. Fun dog. Dog that requires a daily walk. Not that I mind. It's a nice dog....but a small dog. A bichon frise. It's hard to pull-off my cool guy, rock star image with this dinky little dog. It's not my fault.

Guys with small dogs are getting a bad rap. Only 17-percent of those taking part in the Mighty Dog "Big Guy, Small Dog" survey say they would use the word "macho" to describe a man with a small dog. Meanwhile, 69-percent say they associate women with small dogs and just 35-percent think of men as a typical small dog owner. Small dogs themselves don't have the toughest reputations, and don't do much to enhance the image of their owners -- male or female. Two-thirds of respondents say they think of small dogs as "pampered" and 66-percent describe them as "yappy." In addition, 54-percent say they would describe small dog owners as "spoiled," and 52-percent think they're "high maintenance" people.