450 Greenville students will now be connected to class 24 hours a day.  24-hour school?  That's kind of the picture you get here, isn't it.

The school district is giving students at the elementary, middle and high school levels Droid X2's and Samsung Galaxy Tabs as part of a new pilot program, provide educational access for students no matter where they are.

WZZM 13 reported that the student's class work will now fit into these 'handy-dandy' electronic devises.  No more books, notepads, pencils, and even a Texas instrument calculator.  Oh, yes, it's being tested in the Algebra class, one of my favorite classes.  We didn't even have a calculator then, just our brains, and I didn't have much of those.

The teacher can now plug in a lesson and if a student doesn't quite get it, they can simply plug in to listen.  They will have headphones so they can go back and listen to the notes.  Very cool!

The 'real' cool part is that teachers can reach those students falling behind.

The smartphones and tablets allow students to share Google Docs. They can work on documents together, and they can blog with their teacher.

Greenville is hoping that this will engage students to take ownership in learning.

This is a pilot program. The district will decide whether or not to continue it after the end of the school year.

The district is paying for the program with the help of a federal technology grant.