I'm starting to wonder if my decision to buy a house, my first by the way, back in 2003 was such a good idea after all:-)  Actually I've been working extra hard so I can stay in my house.  I do ask myself daily though, when is this all going to end.  They just keep spoon feeding us a little more bad medicine, day by day, in the shape of money, investments, and wages, that just keep swirling down the Wall Street Toilet.  Buying a house really was like throwing money out the window.

And if I hear one more person say don't worry about it the economy will come back, it always has.  GET A GRIP!  It always has before, because WE WERE NOT GLOBAL!  Being global changes everything!  The government use to have control because they controlled the states.  But being global has us competing with the world.

I want to talk a little bit about that at my party for my book and greeting cards on November 9th.  There is an answer, but it's not waiting for jobs to be created.  It's not waiting for them to return to America.  (That will be difficult with wages as low as they are all around the world.)  And the answer is not dreaming and wishing for your house price return to a substantial value either.  The answer, I believe, is much more pro-active than that!

So I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it only gets worse as home prices head for the triple dip!