This is pretty amazing to watch. And pretty amazing that it was caught on security cameras.

A baby nearly fell to the floor, from its seat perched on a cart at Home Depot.  Fortunately for the baby (and the parents), an employee happened to turn toward the cart just as the baby began to fall ... and caught it.

This happened at a Home Depot in Anchorage, Alaska.  The employee is Chris Strickland.

Read more from the Anchorage Dispatch:

An employee at the Abbott Road Home Depot in Anchorage saved a baby as it tumbled from its car seat atop the handles of a shopping cart last week, according to a video uploaded to YouTube by Dale Strickland. The video description credits Home Depot employee Chris Strickland -- Dale's brother -- with catching the baby on Jan. 8, with the simple caption "my brother saving a baby falling off a cart at home depot." 

The video shows Strickland standing near the cart, then swooping in to catch the infant as the car seat tips over. Chris Strickland, reached Wednesday morning at the Home Depot on Abbott, declined a request to speak with Alaska Dispatch, but did verify that the video was of him.