Forget April showers and May flowers.

Try February snow and May tulips!

We have snow and Holland's Tulip Time Festival is thrilled!

Last year, warm weather allowed tulips to get too far ahead of schedule causing problems at Tulip Time.

Tulip Time announced their enthusiasm about the snow on Facebook:

We're thrilled with how cold it is outside & the snow coming down. It's great for our 'sleeping beauties.'

WZZM has more details on how the snow helps:

Tulip farmer Jim Veldheer says the cold weather and a blanket of snow is helping the tulips stay tucked in their flower beds, especially compared to 2012.

"It's a day and night difference, this time last year we were already two to four weeks ahead of schedule, so this cold weather has kept us right where we need to be," says Veldheer.

Veldheer says the snow also helps prevent the flowers from getting too cold.

So far, so good.

Tulip Time runs May 4 - 11.  Order your 2013 Tulip Time brochure here.