Organizers of Tulip Time are starting to become a bit concerned with the stretch of warm weather we have been having.  You see Tulip Time isn't until May, but tell that to the Tulips.

The warm weather is waking up the bulbs and when they wake up, well, they just have to bloom.  In fact, some tulips are blooming a month before schedule.  I can tell you the tulips in my back yard are already starting to come up.  Some tulips at Windmill Island Gardens, in Holland,  are nearly in full bloom.  The last thing the Tulip Time organizers want are for people to visit Tulip Time and not see the usual plethora of tulips.  I'm guessing people will understand though.  It's all up to Mother Nature and she ends up giving us, what she ends up giving us.

The good thing?  "Tulips can last four, five, or six weeks, depending on the circumstances.  So, if we are going to get some cooler weather, then they can hang on," says managing director of Windmill Island Gardens Van den Akker.  If not, how will that affect Tulip Time?