Here goes another "15-minutes of fame" thing.  This time it's super-cool granny Mitzi Robbins.  It happened with the residents of our own Clark Retirement Community's Lip Dub a few months ago, along with, of course, The Grand Rapids Lip Dub, but Mitzi is really lip-dubbing herself singing, and people around the globe are watching.


In an attempt to blow some of her grandkids’ inheritance,  Mitzi  — who goes by the name themarvelousmitzi on YouTube — recently commissioned some lucky soul to produce a music video of her singing the 1958 song, ‘I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore.’


The video was picked up by the Reddit community and has been passed around the web quite a bit since, making her our favorite accidental pop star since Rebecca Black.

While she stands in front of her lovely home and relaxes on a swing and a hammock in her flowery garden, Robbins happily warbles away.