You know how certain songs inspire certain memories? That song "don't worry, be happy" reminds me of a Norwegian cruise I was on in 1988. You might not remember, but it was a hit song...novelty song. There may be more to the song than just a snappy bit.

Taking a positive attitude about bad things makes people happier. That's the conclusion of a recent study that looked at personality and happiness. Researchers at San Francisco State University found people who view the past in a positive way are happier than those who dwell on the unfortunate. The study concluded that some people are happier because they adopt a nostalgic view of the past. Those who focus on the rough spots are not as cheerful. The study suggests that taking time to thumb through happy memories and trying to see the bad in a good way can help people become more satisfied with their lives. Results of the study are published in "Personality and Individual Differences."