Were you shocked or saddened when gas prices crossed the four dollar mark yesterday?  Given what's going on, I wasn't surprised.   But according to GVSU economist Paul Isely, gas prices are near their ceiling for this year.

"Normally early May is the high point of the year and as you go through the summer it drops gradually," said Paul Isely, chair of the GVSU economics department.


The high cost of travel is already effecting  things like camping in Michigan.  More people are re-thinking long trips to campgrounds in the Upper Peninsula or Northern Michigan and staying closer to home.

The state is seeing more campground cancellations this year -- an increase of 33 percent over last year, in fact. State officials blamed the increase on rising gas prices.


We recently sold our backyard pool because we didn't use it that much.  We also hoped to save money on electric and supplies.  My wife wants to spend more time at the beach, but now I'm wondering if it was a good move or not.