Talking with Gene Parker, who broadcasts each evening on WTRV FM. Gene spent last week helping his daughter prepare for another school year at Michigan State University. It was just the other day I remember watching her learn to walk at a radio station party. Where did the years go. Soon, I'll be doing the same with my kids. Braden is in the 10th grade and is already talking about various schools.

My college decision was an easy one. Lake Superior State College,

as it was known then, was interested in me as a hockey player. I was interested in being a hockey player. The college part didn't enter into it all that much. In fact, there were no other influences. I made the decision completely on my own. It won't be that way with my kids.


Many parents are planning to take time to help their college-bound kids in their search for a school. Just over 20-percent of those answering a new Fairfield Inn & Suites survey say they anticipate visiting three or four campuses with their son or daughter this fall, while ten-percent admit they expect to check out at least seven colleges and universities with their children.

Fifty-four-percent say the primary reason they're going on the campus tours is to help their children make the best choice regarding where to continue their education. But 39-percent see the campus visits as one more opportunity to do something special to strengthen the family bonds before their kids leave home.

The majority of parents also wouldn't object to their sons or daughters attending a school that's far from home. However, among those who want their kids to stay closer to home, most agree that 500 miles is the maximum acceptable distance.