Helen Devos Children's Hospital will offically opens its doors Tuesday.  After years in the planning stages, it is a big day for health care in West Michigan.  Hospital workers will move patients Tuesday from the old hospital to the new hospital.  It took hospital officials one year to work out the logistics of the move.

Devos Children's Hospital is the first facility of its kind in West Michigan.  Not only will it make sure children are given the best medical care, but will  do it in a "child centered environment."  Organized play will be an important element at the new Devos Children's Hospital.

The new playroom is nearly three times as large as the old one. "This kind of room will allow us to meet the needs of many children," said Jodi Bauers, the head of the hospital's Child Life staff. She says having more space means also having more toys and activities tucked inside larger storage areas that they've never had before. "So you may be able to pull something out of a cupboard or a closet, which we're really excited about."

Something else their really excited about?? "No more VHS tapes! We're thrilled," says Bauers

(via At the New Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, play is everywhere | wzzm13.com | Grand Rapids, MI.)