100.5 The River's Andy Rent is touring Hawaii with YMT Vacations and about three dozen people for nearly two weeks.

They are all on the Hawaii Kings Tour, a 13-day Hawaiian escape.

The group is currently on the island of Kauai, and Fern Grotto was among the highlights on Sunday.

On Kauai’s eastern side, Fern Grotto is accessible only by a short boat trip up the Wailua River.

The grotto is a natural lava-rock grotto lush with hanging ferns and tropical foliage, cooled by the mists of a waterfall. There was a time when the grotto was off-limits to all but Hawaiian royalty, but it has been accessible to the public now for more than a half century.

In its serene setting, the grotto is a natural amphitheater. Taking advantage of the natural acoustics, visitors are often treated to musicians playing Hawaiian music. It's no wonder why this unique Kauai setting is such a destination for wedding ceremonies.