Maybe you have the day off today for Presidents Day.  Enjoy. I remember being in 3rd grade and learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  (Both birthdays were government holidays back then.)  "Honest Abe" and George Washington and the cherry tree are two quick facts that come to mind, but I never learned these "interesting facts" about U.S. Presidents.Some wierd facts about our Presidents you may not have known.

1) Ronald Reagan did stand up comedy in 1954.

2) John Quincey Adams  often skinny-dipped in the Potomac River.

3)  Richard Nixon became a card shark in the army.  He won $6,000 and used the money to finance his first congressional campaign in 1946.

4)  William Harding, on the other hand, was a lousy poker play.  He lost the White House China collection in a card game.

5)  Gerald Ford did some modeling in the 1940's.  He once posed for the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

6)  President Ulysses S. Grant once got a $20 speeding ticket for going too fast -- on a horse -- in Washington D.C.

7)  William Howard Taft got stuck in a White House bathtub.  The 300 pound president had the tub replaced with a bigger one.

8)  While in the White House, Thomas Jefferson had two pet bears, John Quincey Adams had a pet alligator and Teddy Roosevelt had a pet zebra.  Whatever ever happened to dogs and cats?

9)  Herbert Hoover moved his family to China before he became president.  He and his wife spoke Mandarin Chinese around the White House so no one would understand them.

10)  President Obama collects Spiderman comic books and has read all of the Harry Potter Books.