While a lot of college kids head to Florida for Spring Break, there are some coming to Michigan!  Why, you ask?  They're coming to Kent County to help Habitat For Humanity.  It's called the "Collegiate Challenge" with Habitat for Humanity.

This March, groups from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Boston's Simmons College will be in Kent County for 10 days.  Each of those days, the students will be working 8 hour days and sleeping on floors while they help others in need.

Because of that, Habitat For Humanity loves to provide homemade lunches for the college groups to show gratitude and as a sign of hospitality.  Volunteers are needed to prepare "simple and decent" meals that can feed 15-20 hungry college students.

Both of these groups are coming in March so the need is URGENT!

Can you help? Please call Emma at 616-588-5240 or CLICK HERE to email her.