Grand Valley State University is no stranger to the spotlight.  Multiple national football championships have put them there in the past.

The national attention is back as former GVSU coach Brian Kelly leads Notre Dame to the BCS title game on January 7.

Last week, the New York Times featured Brian Kelly and the importance of his Grand Valley roots.

GVSU Football has 6 National Championship game appearances since 2000, including 4 wins.  The wins in 2002 and 2003 came under current Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly.

Brian Kelly was the head coach for Grand Valley Football from 1992 - 2003.  Kelly brought GVSU's football program to a whole new level and Grand Valley remains a national force years after Kelly's departure.

Kelly was able to use his success at Grand Valley to advance his coaching career as he moved from head coach at Grand Valley to other head coaching positions:  first Central Michigan University, then University of Cincinnati, and finally his current position at Notre Dame.

As Brian Kelly returns to a national championship football game, this time for Notre Dame, the New York Times reflected on the time Kelly spent at Grand Valley:

Kelly built the foundation of his career at Grand Valley.

There, he became a coach.

He arrived in 1987 as a graduate assistant, a bachelor and glorified gofer who pocketed $4,000 annually the first two years and $12,000 after that.

New York Times discusses the importance Grand Valley had in developing Kelly's career and the talented recruiting classes that have helped him along the way.  They also discuss his personal life and talk with people who knew and worked with him years ago at GVSU.

The BCS National Championship game featuring Notre Dame vs. Alabama is Monday night, January 7.

Good luck Coach Kelly!