Did you see this story?  A guy in Wisconsin ordered one of every sandwich on the McDonalds menu.  That's 43 sandwiches.

His name is Nick Chipman.  Nick is a food blogger and his bucket list has contained what he calls "McEverything" for a few years.

Total cost?  $141.33.

From his blog DudeFoods.com:

You see, I have a bucket list, but instead of things like sky diving, swimming with sharks or other death defying feats of adventure that you’d find on most typical bucket lists mine is completely food related. The number one thing on my list for two or three years now has been to make this sandwich, which I’ve dubbed the McEverything.

Check out the picture below to see how tall that order was.  You can read his recap and see other - very impressive - pictures at DudeFoods.com.