Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" hits a milestone this year. This October marks the 30th anniversary of the feel-good anthem's release -- and it's popularity still endures. "CBS News" reports that it's the most downloaded track recorded in the 20th century. The eye network says it's also the most "covered, karaoked, and parodied song in modern music history." Keyboardist Jonathan Cain says the track's origins date back to a phone call he once had with his father. Right before hooking up with Journey, Cain remembers that he was a broke and "lost" musician, and his dad convinced him that something good was around the corner. Cain says his father told him, "Don't Stop Believin.'" After joining Journey, Cain, guitarist Neal Schon, and then-frontman Steve Perry penned the track together.

The 1981 song was a top ten hit when it was released, but that wasn't the end for "Don't Stop Believin.'" It found a second life years later, when Adam Sandler used the track in his 1998 comedy "The Wedding Singer." More recently, the song was an integral part of "The Sopranos'" enigmatic ending -- inspiring fans to analyze the song and its lyrics. And in the last two years the Fox hit "Glee" has helped the track enjoy an 87-percent surge in sales. The band says it performs the popular "Don't Stop Believin'" at every concert.

Fans can tune to see Journey on the "Today" show this Friday. The rockers will perform as part of the NBC morning show's Summer Concert series.