First time in 34 years my neighbor, who works at Amway, said her boss called her this morning at 5am and told her do not come in.  Amway never closes for weather related issues. First time!  I also just spoke with my mom and an unnamed angel, a stranger, showed up at their house and plowed their driveway for them.  Thank goodness my elderly parents didn't have to that themselves...they're on the other side of the state. 

Well, the now may have finally ceased but the effects will be lasting.  Outside of medical professionals, the State Police and local authorities are asking that you stay off the roads. The Weather Advisory has been extended now till 11pm.  You will not be rescued today if you become stranded.  When you try to be the "hero" you get in the way of people who really need to be out doing their job.  Also, please be careful if you attempt to shovel snow.  If you are out of shape take your time and shovel in short time increments.  Last but not least remember to check on the elderly and the disabled in your neighborhood.  Remember your pets too.