It's good news/bad news for water levels on the Great Lakes.

All of the Great Lakes are seeing a rise in water level, but only one is higher than it was at this time last year.

Water levels on the Great Lakes have been low.  Our recent rain has been helping water levels, but maybe not as much as was hoped for.

The US Army Corps of Engineers reports:

All of the Great Lakes are in their seasonal rise. The water level of Lake Superior is 2 inches above its level of a year ago, while Lake Michigan-Huron is 5 inches lower than at this time last year. Lakes St. Clair, Erie, and Ontario are 6, 7, and 2 inches, respectively, lower than their levels of a year ago. Over the next month, Lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron are forecasted to rise 4 and 3 inches, respectively.

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