Saw this on WOOD-TV's "Eight West" last week, and it really leaped out at me since my wife has been spending some time at Spectrum Health's Lemmon-Holton Pavilion over the last few weeks.

The feature story was about the Women's Health Boutique at 5150 Plainfield Avenue NE.  It was created by two women, Vicki Dortch-Jones and Seleta Dortch-Lovell, after their mother was diagnosed in the mid-1980s with terminal cancer.

From their website

It was only after Billie’s death that the sisters were amazed to find so many products that could have helped her, that could have made her life more comfortable and that could restore a woman’s dignity.

Whether a woman loses a breast or her hair, has varicose veins or is experiencing a difficult pregnancy, she has the same needs for femininity, sensitivity and dignity. Thanks to the vision of Vicki and Seleta, women find hope, dignity and respect at Women’s Health Boutique.

Products available at Women's Health Boutique include (but, of course, aren't limited to):