After storms like we've had (or a Winter like we've had, for that matter), you look outside and see that your street hasn't yet been plowed.  Why is that?

I happened to catch the story on WOOD TV8 earlier today and learned a little bit about it.  This stuff is mostly common sense, but for anyone who gets annoyed that it takes too long to clear their street, it's good to hear.

Chances are, you're not living on a major thoroughfare or artery that gets people *to* major roads.  Streets like Leonard, Monroe, Plainfield, Fuller and College get what they call "first attention" during storms.

Regardless of where you live or what street you're on or near, GR Public Works tries to make at least one pass on every street in the city no later than 48 hours after a measurable snowfall.

You can read more from our friends at WOOD TV8 to learn how Grand Rapids' "plow cycle" works.