I'm not Irish.  I don't like green beer, or really any other colored beer.  And I've had my fill of obnoxious, drunk people after I working and DJ-ing in clubs for various radio stations over the years.   I don't have children, so I never really thought much about this in the past, but St. Patrick's Day in general, is not really much of a family celebration is it?   Or should I say in the past it hasn't been much of a family celebration.  One group here in our area has been trying to change that, along with the whole perception of the holiday.

A few weeks ago a Grand Rapids group got together and made plans to lessen the debauchery and drunkenness that is associated with the American celebration of  St. Patrick's Day; and replace those things with music, dancing, fun, and food, the real things that are more in line with traditional Irish heritage!

Bill Quinn, owner of Quinn & Tuite’s Irish Pub, who is also a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, put on a family friendly event on March 3rd and partnered with Kids Food Basket.  He saw a need to show families that there was more to St. Patrick's Day than what was being offered in our city.

St.Patrick's Day is tomorrow and there are still few family friendly events that will be taking place, but there are some.  grNow.com is listing a number of parades, some of those even include your pet.  There is also a city calender of events, with some family friendly events listed there too. Of, course Laughfest wraps up Sunday and there is bound to be some family friendly fun going on downtown.  Luck Of The Irish to you!  Go Green...EVERYTHING!