With last week's relatively light snowfall, the city of Grand Rapids is continuing to plow residential streets to make them wider and more easily passable.

City Manager Greg Sundstrom says "the City will push snow back to widen the street in five more neighborhoods this week. The plowing schedule is created with input from Police and Fire Departments reports, information from callers who report that their street needs attention, and from our supervisors driving into areas of the City where streets are known to be narrow.”

Assuming there are no new major snow events this week, here are target areas for plowing (also seen on this map):

Monday, February 24
Hall to Griggs
Kalamazoo to Sylvan

Tuesday, February 25
Burton to 28th
Eastern to Plymouth

Wednesday, February 26
Leonard NW to Third NW
Mount Calvary Cemetery to Turner NW

Thursday, February 27
I-196 to Fulton
Lafayette to Fuller

Friday, February 28
Knapp to Leonard
Plainfield to Fuller

If you're a resident in any of these areas or neighborhoods, you are asked to move/remove your vehicles before 8am so plow drivers can start working to clear these areas.  You're reminded that because of the plowing, there may be snow on sidewalks and at your driveway entrance.

And don't forget to keep fire hydrants clear of snow, too.