Monday, we found out that Grand Rapids had tied for the title of "Beer City, USA" and today, I'm learning about another award that's been bestowed upon our fair city. Well, at least the Public Museum.

Travel + Leisure Magazine has named the carousel inside of the Grand Rapids Public Museum as one of the best in America.

The magazine says of our carousel,

Built in 1902, this carousel is housed in a glass building built over a river, creating the illusion that you’re about to ride into the water. Note the ticket booth as you enter; it’s the original one that debuted with the carousel’s opening.

However, it looks like the folks at Travel + Leisure didn't actually check their facts before writing up their piece on the GR Carousel. According to the Public Museum's website the carousel isn't actually as old as they say:

A vividly painted antique Spillman Carousel operates in the Cook Carousel Pavilion off the first floor Galleria. Manufactured by the Spillman Engineering Company of North Tonawanda, New York in 1928, the carousel is one of only three of its style known to have been produced by the company. It revolves to the music of a Wurlitzer band organ and offers rides year-round to Museum visitors young and old.

The carousel is made up of forty-four hand-carved, elaborately jeweled wooden horses, two chariots and six menagerie animals: a giraffe, lion, deer, goat, tiger and camel.

Rides on the carousel are only $1, and you can ride it during regular museum business hours.