Grand Rapids George Heartwell is continuing a long standing tradition here in Grand Rapids, talking to the voters.

For 18 years, the mayors of Grand Rapids have hosted City Connection, a monthly, live call-in show on GRTV’s Livewire, Comcast channel 24.  It's a program that Mayor John Logie started in 1992 as a way to share mayoral perspective with Grand Rapidians and to bring a little more transparency to local government. It gives everyone an opportunity to interact directly with one of our city’s top elected officials.

Each month, anyone can add their own questions for City Connection with a tweet, on Facebook, or in an email. You can add your questions at any time, including during the show itself.

It seems to me to be a pretty unique program for a community of our size or larger.  What other city do you know that would open up their top elected official to the public and answer to all-comers.  It says a lot about Grand Rapids government.  Can you say...Detroit?  Who know what's going on over there?

On this past Monday's show, Mayor Heartwell even answered a question regarding the recent city commission meeting where members of Michigan Open Carry Inc. arrived wearing their weapons. He gave background regarding the state and local laws and ordinances, and shared his views on open carry.

Heartwell also gave an update about the city's transformation plan, and the ensuing transformation fund that was designed to assist city departments in reaching their goals to cut their spending by 10%.

Want to get in on the "action?"  It's easy.  Every first Monday of the month you have that chance when Mayor George Heartwell takes the screen both on television on GRTV's Livewire, Comcast  channel 24, and on the internet.