Mark Samp, from Wyoming, is being lauded as a hero this week after he rescued his 6-month-old son from their flame-engulfed home on Wednesday night. Shortly after 9p.m., shortly after his son had been put down and his wife had walked down the street to talk to a neighbor, Samp noticed smoke pouring out of the side door of the home. He was outside on the phone with his mother.

Mark tried to enter the home through that side door, but the smoke was too thick. He then tried the front door, which he was able to yank open. The flame burst that resulted singed his beard and arm hair. There was no going in through that door, either.

So, Mark went around to master bedroom window, where he removed the screen and hoisted himself up through the window. He told the folks at WOOD-TV8 that it was dark, and he couldn't see, but he just felt his way around and listened for his son. He was able to locate 6-month-old Gabriel and get him safely out of the house. The baby sustained no injuries. Firefighters say the boy likely would have died if not for his father.

The family spent that night in a hotel, but are unsure where they'll live now. Samp lost his job a year ago and couldn't afford renters' insurance. They lost most of their belongings with the exception of a few toys and clothes. The house didn't have any smoke detectors in it.

Relatives told WOOD-TV8 that the American Red Cross and the Wyoming Fire Department gave them vouchers for a total of three nights in a motel.

Friends and family members are rallying around Mark and his family, however, and have set up a FundRazr campaign to help raise funds for the family. Donations can be made by clicking here.