Grand Rapids Comic-Con 2013 was Saturday, October 12.

Over 3,500 tickets were sold and about 2,000 people had to be turned away from the popular event.

Take a look at some of the kids and costumes from Grand Rapids Comic-Con 2013.

Saturday's event, held at the Home School Building on Burlingame in Wyoming, was a huge success.

Expansion is planned for the future.  Comic-Con organizers posted on Facebook:

We will be moving into a much larger facility next year, no question about that. We have negotiated terms and a date with the Delta Plex already, but we did a little math and if we have a little growth and the numbers of what showed up this year the Delta Plex may be a little too small as well, especially since we are planning a lot more nationally known comic artists and a handful of Hollywood celebrities starting in 2014. We are going to investigate the DeVos Place as well to see if it is a possibility.


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