With a mix of modern Elle from California and timeless Anne from Green Gables, the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre is prepared to engage and entertain this 2012-2013 season with seven never-before-seen performances and several enduring classics that promise fun for the whole family!

The 2012-2013 line-up includes seven new-to-Grand Rapids productions including The Dixie Swim Club and Legally Blonde-The Musical; and two undying pieces: Fiddler on the Roof and Anne of Green Gables.

The GRCT is committed to showcasing West Michigan's extensive culture and highlighting some of it's greatest talent by bringing countless plays, musicals and performances right to your doorstep. If you're new to theatre, now is the perfect opportunity to submerge yourself into this timeless tradition at the GRCT on 30 N. Division Ave.

"The Civic Theatre is committed to bringing theatre classics, family favorites and new productions to stage each year," said Executive and Artistic Director Bruce Tinker. "Our Play Section Committee works hard to identify pieces that will challenge our talent while welcoming new and returning audiences to Live Theatre."

The 2012-2013 season kicks off in September 2012 and continues through August 2013. However, don't wait. Show your support for West Michigan culture and the presevation of a Century-old tradition by purchasing memberships to the GRCT. These are now available at http://grct.org/ or at the Civic Theatre Box Office. You can also contact 616-222-6650 for more information.

The 2012-2013 Line-up

The Dixie Swim Club is an unforgettable comedy about five Southern women who rekindle their friendship in a North Carolina beach cottage. Their past as college swimmers have been replaced by husbands, jobs and children; however, this performance will reveal that even time can't tarnish true friendship.

Flat Stanley depicts the journey of a ten year-old boy, Stanley Lambchop, who wants nothing more than to trade his everyday, run-of-the mill lifestyle for something wildly exciting.

A Chistmas Carol incorporates the Charles Dickens' classic and  Broadway expertise from Alan Menken (Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, Little Mermaid), Mike Ockrent, and Lynn Ahrens. This incorporation is sure to bring magic and excitement to your Holidays!

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is a heartwrenching tale that showcases the story of  a deaf man, John Singer. After discovering his closest friend has been committed to an insane asylum, Singer navigates the South during the Great Depression in search of human connection.

Fiddler on the Roof will render tears and laughter with it's depiction of a poor dairyman in the village of Anatevka, Tevye who struggles to instill Jewish culture to his five daughters in a community wrought by anti-Semitism  and Czarist Russian regime.

Anne of Green Gables is a musical that revists the story of the red-haired and freckled orphan, Anne Shirley, who wins the hearts of her close-knit Canadian community with her keen imagination and enthusiasm for life.

Legally Blonde-The Musical is a story of gemini vegetarian, Elle Woods, who simply doesn't take "no" for an answer. When her boyfriend dumps her for a high-class, non-mascara wearing prick, Miss Woods ventures to a land where no other Delta Nu has traveled before: Harvard Law. This musical is fun, flirtacious and reveals that "being true to yourself never goes out of style."

12 Dancing Princesses is a new theatrical release based on the Brothers Grimm story of 12 enchanting princesses with an equally enchanting secret. Check out this production by West Michigan playwright Max Bush.

Changing Minds is the perfect reason to laugh, sing, and dance! Join classmates from the Playa Sola High School as they discover more about each others' lives in this truly delightful musical.

Tell a friend, bring your family, just don't miss out on this unique opportunity brought to you by the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre.For further information, refer to the GRCT event calander at http://grct.org/eventschedule.html and be sure to check out the theatre's current performance: Bye, Bye Birdie.