So many great things happening at the fantastic museum's in Grand Rapids.  Here's another one, this time for the kids!

Starting next week, the GR Children's Museum opens their newest exhibit called Adventures in Balance!

How fun is this?  Kids will take a journey through the "Adventure Jungle" while working on their core muscles and building coordination and balance.  They'll build a walkway of balance beams to cross the lava pit and then navigate a raging river using the river rocks.  Then, kids will look out over the treetops using walking stilts and balance on rocker boards while juggling.

From their press release:

Along with exploring the balance obstacles in the jungle, children will be improving gross motor skills, which can help coordination, body awareness, and even self-confidence. “Play helps child development and balance is an important part of that,” explains Robert Dean, GRCM Executive Director.  “Beyond walking, running, or even sitting, balance can help the development of self-skills, such as getting dressed.”  

“Remember when you were a kid and played that the floor turned to lava?  Well, we have lava!” Jake Bouke, exhibit assistant.  With an erupting volcano, vines hanging from the rafters, and a river through the second floor, the GRCM exhibits team has created a complete jungle environment.  As Jack Woller, Director of Program Operations describes, “It’s an environment that allows children to fully immerse themselves in their imagination.

Adventures in Balance is sponsored in part by Metro Health.

The adventure begins January 22, 2013!