Too often bad news draws more attention than good news, but this is one bit of good that deserves some attention.

Carolyn Holt's father recently passed away.  He left his daughter with a special gift, a pink moped.

The moped was a reward for her hard work in school, but the moped was soon stolen from the Muskegon-area teen.

WZZM has more about the meaning behind the gift:

Shortly before his death the father and daughter struck a deal: if she finished her G.E.D. he'd leave just enough money to buy her transportation so she could get to college and her job.

The sad news of the stolen moped spread quickly.  The moped was worth nearly $1,000, but it's sentimental value was so much more.

The news reached Jerry Persons, owner of Scooters To Go in Grand Rapids.  He decided to do something about it and gave Carolyn a new moped.  WZZM reports:

Jerry says he appreciates the values Carolyn showed by taking care of her dad and his heart went out to her. "This girl took care of her father for years, you know? And it's his dying wish that she gets a ride and somebody steals it," said Persons. "Quite frankly, I like the values that she has. In the story she even took responsibility for losing it, so how can you not help her out?"

Love to see people and businesses step up to support others in our community!

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