It's been talked about for quite awhile, should our downtown Blue Bridge remain blue?

Of course it should, and the majority of the public said so, too.  So, it stays blue.....sort of.

Our news partner, WZZM TV13 says the Downtown Development Authority, along with the State, are spending $1.3 million on the makeover of the former railroad bridge that was converted to a pedestrian bridge in 1987.

It's not just paint that they're spending their money on, but re-doing the walkways and basic structure, and, adding cool lighting!

The will be installing LED lighting all over, and under, the bridge that will actually let the bridge change color, or hue, when they want to.  That will be cool.  I can see it now for Valentines Day, a sort of red bridge.  Maybe for the 4th they could make it multi-colored, as in fireworks.

At any rate, it's a terrific project and will be a wonderful "restored addition" to downtown.