A Grand Rapids baker is the newest winner of the Cooking Channel's "Donut Showdown".

Torrence O'Haire won a $10,000 Grand Prize in the competition on the show that aired this past Friday. O'Haire is the chef at Propaganda Doughnuts, and he impressed the judges with his China-town themed barbecue spiced-bread doughnut, chocolate cake doughnut, French eclair and dim-sum doughnut.

The episode that aired Friday was actually taped in Toronto in January. O'Haire had to keep the whole experience a secret until the show aired.

He plans to invest his winnings in a new restaurant opening next door to his bakery, a place they're calling The Bandit Queen - Ramen Shop, Public House, Purveyor of Fine Teas, and Respite for the Modern Day Adventurer.

Propaganda Doughnuts will also team up with Brewery Vivant next month to release a special beer that will complement their monthly special.