Thousands have enjoyed the musical fountain in Grand Haven.

The Grand Haven Musical Fountain was built in 1963. It is the largest in the world of its kind and is about to undergo some changes.

The musical fountain in Grand Haven gives a 20-minute show each night at sunset from Memorial Day through Labor Day. It also has weekend shows in May and September.

The fountain has been running the same program since 2005, but is now preparing for a major upgrade.

The Grand Haven Tribune has more on the upgrade.

“The current playback program we have was written in 2005 by two volunteers who had a passion for the fountain,” City Facilities Manager Dan Vivian said. “In the long run, it would be best if we invested in a company that could write new playback software.”

City Council approved an agreement to work with Apex Controls Inc. at a cost of $36,750. Apex would build the new playback software and the city would own the program.

There will also be more updates to the fountain’s lighting system, with the approval of $42,930 for new LED fixtures.

There is $150,000 in the Grand Haven Community Foundation's Musical Fountain Fund which will be used for the project.

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