While gas prices remain high, the majority of people planning to buy a new car don't plan to downsize their vehicle. Just a quarter of those taking part in a recent Consumer Reports National Research Center poll say they plan to purchase a smaller car than what they're currently driving and 19-percent want something bigger, while 56-percent are looking for a vehicle that's comparable to their current car. Older buyers and those living in the Northeast are the least likely to change vehicle size, while adults under the age of 35 are the most likely to get a bigger car.

Among those who are downsizing, 92-percent are looking for better gas mileage and 71-percent want lower maintenance costs. Two thirds are going smaller in an effort to go green, and another 67-percent are seeking a more reliable car. Sixty-five percent want a smaller car for the smaller price tag, while 61-percent are downsizing because they no longer need the passenger or cargo space. Meanwhile, more passenger or cargo room is the reason 80-percent of the upsizers are getting a bigger car, while 72-percent are looking for a more comfortable ride. Safety is the reason why 66-percent want a larger car, and 60-percent want a more reliable vehicle.