The new and improved Fulton Street Farmers Market will officially open at 7:45am for the ribbon cutting ceremony Saturday, bright and early!

So whats different?  The market will now feature permanent, covered, open air spaces and a plaza with seating, bike parking, and an overflow area for vendors.  The goal still is to raise enough funds to make the market a year-round building. To support their fundraising campaign you can buy bricks and pavers by clicking here.

Phases I and II have been completed.  Phase III is expected to begin in September and wrap up by the end of January 2013.  Phase III  will include construction of new wheel-chair accessible restrooms, a dumpster enclosure and finalizing the market as a year-round building.

About $275,000 is still needed to complete Phase III.

Here's a little history for you on the Fulton Street Farmers Market.  It was founded back in 1922 and is the oldest open air market in the Grand Rapids region.  During the peak season, it hosts around 11,000 customers every week.  Hours and days of operation are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from May through December and the FSFM is located at 1145 E. Fulton Street in Grand Rapids.  Check out their website at

Fulton Street Farmers Market is one of my favorite things about Grand Rapids.  It's really one of the better farmers' market's in the country.  I enjoyed Michigan blueberries and strawberries all winter long.  For me it's essential to know where my food comes from and when you buy local those dollars just keep circulating through the city and it helps to keep us all alive and prosperous.  Plus if you buy local like me, you already know just how much money you can save plus the food is fresher because it is not sitting on a boat or truck for days while it is being transported.  Nothing better than eating local!