Friday Five The Hard Way Questions and Answers for this week.

1. The Blackberry mobile device was originally going to be called?
2. What is the only state to border only one other state?

3. Who was the last man to ever set foot on the Moon.?

4. Ah-Nab-Awen Park was originally the site of an Odawa/Ottawa village. It then became a Baptist mission. What was the name of the mIssion..

5. For one week in 1986, Dan Rather experimented with a one-word sign off for each broadcast of the CBS Evening News:

1. Strawberry, because its small keys resembled the seeds in a strawberry
2. Maine
3. Neil Armstrong was first. Gene Cernan was last. Dec.72 Apollo

17 Harrison Schmitt was the last person to step onto the surface of the moon, he re-e ntered the spacecraft ahead of Cernan, making Cernan the world's last person to ever set foot on the Moon.
4. Thomas Station, which was established in 1824 as part of the 1821 Chicago Treaty.
5. Courage