A royal bride takes her husband's rank upon marriage, so Miss Middleton will become an HRH -- Her Royal Highness.

The wife of the British king automatically becomes the queen. That means Middleton will one day become Queen Catherine.   How many Queen Catherines are there.     SIX   The others: Catherine of Valois, Catherine of Aragon, Katherine Howard, Katherine Parr and Catherine of Braganza.

Instead of throwing the wedding bouquet at the reception....what happens to it.   Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet will be placed on the Grave of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey after the service, continuing a tradition started by Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen mother, and observed by other royal brides, including Prince William's mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Queen had bestowed the title of Duke of Cambridge on her grandson.  His bride, Miss Middleton, will be known as the Duchess of Cambridge.  They have also been given the Scottish titles of Earl and Countess of Strathearn, which may reflect the fact that they met at St Andrews University.  The couple's third title is a Northern Irish one, Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, will give Prince William and Kate Middleton            a tandem “Boris bike”