It's Friday, end of the work week, and we're looking forward to the weekend.  However, Friday means lots of trivia on "Andy in the Morning," with Friday 5 The Hard Way.  Five questions a listener answers correctly to win the prizes.

Here are today's questions and answers.

Friday 5 the Hard Way

1. The state of Michigan touches all of the Great Lakes except one. Which one?


2. What US military general, and future president, defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans, in 1814?


3. What is the term for a solid figure with flat faces that are polygons?


4. This community service organization, founded in Chicago in 1905, was originally for business men, but today includes people from all walks of life. It is named because meetings were held at the members' different homes. Which organization?


5. If a diamond is the hardest known substance , what is used to cut diamonds?