It's Good Friday, and, of course on Andy in the Morning we played Friday 5 The Hard Way.

Here are today's questions and answers.

Friday 5 The Hard Way

1. Paramount's studio's single most lucrative property, has generated more than $1 billion. It was a TV series until 1969, generateed at least six movies, two syndicated TV shows, an animated series, hundreds of books and comics, fan clubs. What is it?


2. Around 400 B.C., which Greek physician laid the foundations of scientific medicine when he showed that diseases have natural, not supernatural, causes?

HIPPOCRATES, called "the Father of Medicine"

3. This entertainer was considered to be the poet laureate of Colorado. Who was he?


4. What is the first book of the New Testament?

MATTHEW, followed by Mark, Luke

5. How many Canadian Provinces border any of the Great Lakes?