It was a tough "Friday 5 The Hard Way" this morning.  As a matter of fact, nobody solved the game.  We only got 3 of the questions with correct answers.

The biggest mystery question was the movie question of the two actresses who played the same part, in the same movie, and one won an Academy Award for Best Actress, and the other as Best Supporting Actress for the same film.  Can you name them?  That's tough!

Here they are, questions and answers.




  1. What state is bordered by exactly one other state?

MAINE (New Hampshire is the border state)


2.       Under the category extinct languages comes the name of the classical literary language of ancient India. What is it?


3.       These two ladies played the same character in the same movie, and won the Academy Awards as Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress! Who were they?

KATE WINSLET / GLORIA STUART same role: Rose in Titanic.

4.       This word can refer to the wife, mother, daughter, sister, or mistress of a Moslem ruler; it can also refer to a small yellow raisin. What's the word?


5.       Who was the first British prime minister in the 20th century to serve three consecutive terms?