Here are the questions from "Friday 5 The Hard Way" this morning.  See how you can do.


February 17, 2012

  1. On the cover of the Beatles' album, the fab four are crossing Abbey Road, near the Apple studios. Which Beatle is in front, on the right side?

JOHN LENNON, followed by Ringo, then Paul, then George

2.       From February 29, 1896, through February 29, 1996 inclusive, how many February 29th's were there?

25 One every four years, but none on Feb. 29, 1900

3.       In radio terms what does FM stand for?

Frequency Modulation

4.       Which day of the week is named for the Scandinavian god of wisdom, poetry, farming, and war?

WEDNESDAY, named for Odin, sometimes called woden

5.       Use the letters ABCDEF, but not use any letter more than once, and form a five-letter word?