Jake Spurlock/Flickr

Congratulations, America! We now have a machine that feeds us the newest vending machine fad: burritos!

Yep, big, fat soggy burritos.  When I think of food from a vending machine, I really only think of snack type stuff, chips, cookies, pastries, popcorn, gum and candy. 

I know there are other machines out there that probably dispense nearly anything you can think of. But I'm having a hard time wrapping my arms around a burrito. 

However, it's here: the BurritoBox vending machine, which has been introduced at a Mobil gas station-convenience store in West Hollywood, Calif.

Where else?! In Hollywood. Nothing better.

You can choose from six burrito varieties, including roasted potato with egg and cheese; uncured bacon with egg and cheese; chorizo sausage, with egg and cheese; free-range chicken, with beans and rice; and shredded beef and cheese.

While it takes a couple of minutes for the machine to make your meal, at least it plays music videos for you while you wait.

It's become pretty popular; enough so that a second BurritoBox machine is coming to at another Los Angeles location next week.

Then, who knows? Maybe to a gas station near you?


I don't know. Think about it. 

What's the most interesting or strangest thing you have bought out of a vending machine?