The poster for Festival 2011 was unveiled today.  It was done by Grand Rapids artist  Alynn Guerrann.  Festival Organizers liked the way Guerrann showed Festival.

“We wanted something that was different and made a statement,” Festival Chairman Joanne Bailey-Boorsma said. “We wanted something simple, but representative of the community.”

“It just took my breath away,” Bailey-Boorsma said. “I know the community at large has just embraced her work, and it just seemed like the right fit.”   M-live

Artist Guerran wanted to keep it simple and made sure to make the Calder the focal point of the poster.

“I didn’t want to put in too many elements to make it too busy,” Guerra said.

“The Calder,” as it’s called locally, marks the spot of greatest activity during Festival and has become the “symbol of the city,” Guerra said.  M-live

The posters will go on sale in May.