When I heard Fennville was going to play its district basketball game Monday; one day before the funeral of its best player, I wondered if it was the right thing to do.   Wes Leonard made the winning shot in the game against Bridgman before collapsing on the floor.   Leonard later died of an what some doctors believe was an "enlarged heart".School officials made the decision to play the game Monday against Lawrence after consulting with the Leonard family.  The game was moved to Hope College to accommodate the large crowd.  Players from both teams met for dinner before and wore shirts honoring Wes.  Then there was the emotional "moment of silence".  As difficult as it was for the players and the town of Fennville,  it was the right thing to do.  Wes Leonard loved basketball.  It was part of who he was.  Playing the game honors his memory and helps his team and the community heal.  His funeral today will be another step in that difficult process.  What happens the rest of the season will be up to the players playing the game.  Life is more than a game, but sometimes playing the game is the best thing to do.