The 10th anniversary of 9/11 has come and gone. Thankfully, no repeat, no attacks. Did you watch any of the television coverage the past few days. Hard to miss it.

So it has been ten years. Certainly, air travel has changed. Do you feel safer? Are we better off today than we were back then?

Most Americans aren't happy with the way things have gone in the U.S. in the ten years since the September 11th terrorist attacks. Two-thirds of those answering a new Rasmussen Reports poll say the country "has changed for the worse" over the past decade, while just 18-percent feel America is "a better place today." However, 53-percent also think "the world would be better off" if more countries were like the U.S. Eighteen-percent disagree, while 30-percent aren't sure. Meanwhile, another Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 76-percent feel the U.S. is on the "wrong track." Just 18-percent believe the U.S. is "heading in the right direction." These figures reflect the most optimism among Americans in the weekly poll since mid July.

However, this is the seventh consecutive week that fewer than 20-percent believe the U.S. is on the right path, and the eighth week in a row that at least 70-percent have thought the country is heading in the wrong direction.