Andy and I talk about television programs often during our WTRV FM radio show. Sad to say, but I don't know a thing about any current television show. Any radio consultant would say that is dumb...that I need to be up on what our audience is into. They would be right, but I just don't have the time or interest. I did catch a few minutes of Modern Family last night. I have never seen Idol, Dancing, Bachelor, etc. The television is always on, I just watch other stuff, I guess. What are your favorite shows. Do they match with the latest survey.

NCIS" is the most popular show in America. The Mark Harmon military crime drama is taking the top spot on The Harris Poll's 2011 list of "America's Favorite TV Shows," which is up from its fourth place ranking in the 2009 survey. The previous number one, "CSI," falls to number two. Shows with initials for a title continue to rule, with "M*A*S*H" rounding out the top three. "NCIS" is dominant across most demographics. The CBS series ranks first among both men and women throughout the East, West, South, and Midwest. It's also tops among adults over the age of 46, Republicans and Independents, and those with an annual income of less than 75-thousand-dollars a year and over 100-thousand-dollars.

"M*A*S*H" is the favorite among those making between 75-and-100-thousand a year. Democrats like the sitcom "Two and a Half Men," which ranks fourth overall. College graduates prefer the number five show, "Seinfeld." "NCIS" is tied with "Seinfeld" and "Lost" as the favorite among people between the ages of 35 and 46, while adults under the age of 35 are fans of "Friends."

The Harris Poll's List Of "America's Favorite TV Shows"

1. "NCIS"
2. "CSI"
3. "M*A*S*H"
4. "Two & A Half Men"
5. "Seinfeld"
6. "Lost"
7. "Star Trek"
8. TIE - "Friends" and "Criminal Minds"
10. TIE - "Law & Order," "I Love Lucy/The Lucy Show"
12. TIE - "Family Guy," "Bones," "House"
15. "Grey's Anatomy"